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Written by Vanig   

We are actually considering the projects of forming people to learning to use the Excel application as well as the VBA language, linked to Windows Office application, and especially Excel in our case. The main idea would be to at first introduce chapters and then do exercises with our fellow customers to teach them to master these 2 tools.

As we go in depths, we offer the customers to specialize in Market Finance Excel/VBA mastering so as to be at ease with that environment.

Drawing Tablet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vanig   

I have had the will to often share my mathematical theories with people for a while now.

The only problem was the writing off the formulas, when chatting it is a living hell and takes a lot of time.

After having thought about it for a while, I decided to buy a drawing tablet, it is a tablet that you have and its drawing area represents the PC screen.

I personally bought the "Genius EasyPen i405" due to its low cost and its high ranking from the users.

I did fear the fact of having a crappy product but I've been satisfied till now.

One reason why I've bought this was to be able to write formulas with simplicity, rather than having to use ****ing languages like Latex that piss me off. With applications like the Whiteboard, I can write my formulas on it directly.

That is my main interest in this tool... for the time being :)